Apricot Blossom

Apr 10, 2018

If Kumquat tree and peach blossom are Tet’s tree in Northern Vietnam, apricot blossom is a signature plant in the South during Tet holiday. Since the warm weather of Southern Vietnam in late January and February is very suitable for the tree to flourish, it has been planted widely here, and became a symbol of spring with the vivid yellow color.

Apricot blossom is considered to represent wealth, success and longevity. This concept has the root from the color yellow of the tree. In Vietnam, yellow is related to the king; yellow of metal plays a central part in the five elements of Nature; and yellow somehow also represents Viet people. That is why people think that apricot blossom is a precious tree, and use this as a lucky tree on Tet. No surprise all families in Southern Vietnam have one on their house during Tet.
Walking around the street in ending time of the year, you can find bright color of many apricot trees blossoming from the local stores. It has contributed an essential part to build a cheerful picture of Tet Viet in every heart.