Apr 24, 2018

If you are planning on taking a time off with your friends, a trip on a Halong bay cruise is one great option. Halong Bay is an UNESCO World heritage site.  The trip gives you and your friends chance to discover the most beautiful islands of towering limestone dotting the bay. You can also explore hidden parts to see the limestone towers, islands and islets boast caves, caverns and grottoes.

You can enjoy the cruise trip the most in periods March – May and September – November. The temperature is pleasant and the dry climate will enable you to enjoy all activities on board as well as the sightseeing will be as ideal as it could be. Other than that, if your group is more concerned about budget, going on a Halong bay Cruise during June – August and December – February would be more suitable. These are considered low season and many cruise providers offer major discount during these months. But bear in mind some possibilities of cancelation or delaying the trip due to the unfavorable weather condition.  

The onboard and creational activities will be very exciting for you. You and your friends will stop at floating villages, and your group can see what a daily life of fishermen is like. The interesting life on water depends solely on the diversified supply of the marine life. Chatting with them will give you the insight of a totally distinctive life.

The cruise will continue to pass a lot of caves, grottoes and islands to discover, some of the charming hidden germs can be reached by row boats are Thien Cung (Thiên Cung) Cave, known as Heavenly Palace Cave, which is well-known for its stalagmites and stalactites, and Dau Go Cave (Hang Đầu Gỗ), which is known as the Cave of Wonders. Cat Ba is considered as the largest island in Halong Bay, some of the cruise with 3 days will reach the island and give you the chance to explore those hidden waterfalls, grottoes and lakes. There are endless options to experience in this island in your way.

One very special activity that suitable for you and your group is kayaking. The kayaking can be in Luon Cave, 3 Peaches islets, Darks and Light Cave, etc. The location varies along the itinerary of difference cruisers. If you guys seek for more adventurous kayaking, there are some 2-3 day tours available.

Last but not less, when the night falls, squid fishing on a Halong bay Cruise gives you great pleasure especially for who like thrilling feeling.  During the squid season, under the sparkling surface of water, seeing many large shoals of squid surrounding cruisers and being able to catch them give tourists the most excitement and feel of great achievement.