Apr 24, 2018

Escaping the hustle and bustle on a Halong bay cruise to and you have a chance to witness some of the famous islands in the Gulf of Tonkin. Many cruisers have different itineraries to discover various parts of the bay. Here are some highlights and also best ones you may find yourself to visit.

Ti Top Island

Ti Top is a tiny island approximately 7-8 km to the southeast of Halong Bay. The island owns itself an attractive half-moon shaped beach which has the same name to the land. The fresh airy atmosphere with alluring landscape and the pristine beach offer all the aspects that you look for a day out on a voyage.

Ti Top island

The small waves make it’s perfect for recreation activities such as swimming, or playing football and volleyball on the beach. If you seek for more leisure option, enjoying the ideal environment of immense sky and sunshine while sunbathing or having a drink in Ti Top Beach bar would be ideal for you.

Leaving the shore, you can follow the trail to reach the peak of the limestone and get a panoramic view of the bay. The remarkable experience is really different with seeing the bay from the desk of Halong bay cruise.

Cat Ba Island

A trip to Cat Ba Island can be arranged separately or combination with a Halong bay cruise. Cat Ba which is the biggest island and the emerald of in the Gulf of Tonkin has experienced a tourism swell in recent years.

Cat Ba is located 25 km from Halong bay and 30 km from Hai Phong city. Approximately half of the island is the National Park that homes to the endangered golden headed langur. The island has a wide variety of natural ecosystems, both marine and terrestrial, leading to incredibly high rates of biodiversity. Types of natural habitats found on Cat Ba Archipelago include limestone karsts, tropical limestone forests, coral reefs, mangrove and seagrass beds, lagoons, beaches, caves and willow swamp forests.

Cat Ba Island supports a population of over 20,000 inhabitants most of whom live off fishing or farming in and around Cat Ba Town. The town is small and ancient, with clusters of fishing boats. It is an ideal spot to watch inspiring sunsets across the harbor. You can even check out the catch-of-the-day in the early morning as the fishing boats return to port. See cuttlefish dried over hot charcoals, or stroll around the old town. 

The land owns tiny beautiful beaches; most well-known one is Cat Co 1 Beach where mountains form a throne-like picture holding a marvelous sandy coast. You can even hike further along the beach to reach the rockier Cat Co 2 Beach.

One really interesting activities you can take is kayaking around the beach. It’s surprisingly beautiful to look back the island from the bay. The Natural Park is ideal to trekking and hiking. Trekking range spreads from easy to difficult; you can pick a trail suit you quite easily.

Co to Island

Despite being the furthest island from Halong City, Co To Island has become a more common name among the tourists recently.

The island district consists of Co To Lon (Big Co To), Co To Be (Small Co To) and 15 other small islands. Just has had electricity since 2013, the island services have developed as speedy as the reputation escalation of the land to the travelers.  Even though, the wild look and the pristine beaches with the sedimentary rock system has been eroding over thousands of years remain barely touched.

You must visit the Co To Light house which is 70m above the sea level, the house is guarded by the soldiers. It will give you the overview of the island from above and you will what a true nature beauty is. The long and romantic “love road” along the beach whilst listening to the whisper of the wind, the ratting sounds of the waves would make you feel like being in a love drama.

Leaving the big Co To, board on a small canoe and head to the Small Co To, you will see an beautiful island as magnificent as it can be. You could try to sleep in the tents on the beach, the experience brings an exciting feeling for travelers who love new

Quan Lan Island

Quan Lan island is a great option if you like to escape the touristic destinations in Halong bay. You can reach the island by speedboat or wooden boat. The true beauty of nature can satisfy your need, but don’t expect the services here to be as superb as an overdeveloped land.

 Quan Lan island