“Anti-Plastic waste” in Halong Bay

Aug 31, 2019

Ha Long Bay Administration has  issued Document No. 598 / BQLVHL-NVNC dated July 17, 2019 to companies, organizations and individuals doing business in service, tourism and aquaculture activities on Ha Long Bay must coordinate the implementation of activities of “Anti-plastic waste” movement in Ha Long bay.

According to the document, the Administration of Ha Long Bay proposed the companies to coordinate on some issues such as: classify the wastes at the premises, especially recyclable waste (plastic bottles, cans, paper …) and collect and deliver to get ashore to handle as prescribed process; Limit the use of packaging, plastic bags, disposable plastic products such as cups and straws … with products that are reusable, recyclable and environmentally friendly in their activities. service activities, tourism on the bay; Coordinate with Ha Long Bay Management Board to propagate to tourists about the limit of using disposable plastic products, sorting garbage and disposing of garbage at prescribed places when participating in sightseeing and tourism activities on Halong Bay

And, the Ha Long Bay Administration also issued Document No. 599 / BQLVHL-NVNC requesting its affiliated units to seriously implement the Plan No. 39 / KH-BQLVHL on the implementation of the “Anti-plastic waste” in 2019.

Accordingly, the companies carry out the classification of recyclable waste before sending them to the collection unit to deliver to the Professional waste disposal facility, requiring all employees at the companies  restrict the use of packaging, plastic bags, plastic products for activities and services in Ha Long Bay.

At the same time, the companies need to replace products from disposable plastic such as cups and straws … with products made of reusable and environmentally friendly materials in the activities at the companies/cruises.

The movement “Anti- plastic waste” to protect the environment recently has spread strongly in society and received many positive feedbacks. Limiting waste from plastic and plastic bags is an urgent requirement not only in Vietnam but also in other countries in the world.

Halong Phoenix cruiser highly appreciate the movement “ Anti- plastic waste” that The Halong Bay Administration had launched and try to become one of the best serious participants.