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About 2000 years ago under the Ruled of King Herod ( now it is a part land of Israel), God sent the angel called Gabriel to a women named Marry who lived in the northern town of Nazareth. She was engaged to marry Joseph.

The angel said to Mary: " Peace be with you ! God has blessed you and is pleased with you". Mary did not understand what the angel meant. After that the angel said to her that she would become pregnant by Holy Spirit. She would give birth a baby boy and she would call him Jesus. Jesus will be God's son and his kingdom would never end. She was scared but she trusted in God.

The angel aslo said to Mary that her cousin - Elizabeth would have a baby boy even everybody thought she was too old to have a baby. Elizabeth's son was choosen to prepare the way for Jesus.

One day, Mary came to visit her cousin Elizabeth and her husband Zachariah. And Elizabeth was very happy to see Mary as she knew that Marry was choosen by God to give a birth of God's son. Elizabeth was also told that her son would prepare people to welcome Jesus. Mary returned home after 3 months staying with Elizabeth.

Joseph found that Mary was expecting a baby before their wedding and Joshep was worried and wonderred if he should cancel the wedding. In the mean time, the angel appearred in his dream to explain that Mary was choosen by God to be the mother of his Son - Jesus means " Saviour" because he would save people. The angel said to Joseph that he should not be afraid to have Mary as his wife.

Joseph woke up and followed what the angel told him.

The land where Mary and Joseph lived at that time was a part of Roman Empire. Agustus - the Roman Emperor at that time wanted to have the list of all people in his empire to make sure he could get their taxes. He asked everyone to be back to the town where their families originally came from and register their names. Mary and Josheph had to travel about 70 miles from Nazareth to Bethlehem - homeland of Joseph's family. They had to move so slowly because Mary's son would be born soon.

Birth Of the King

When they arrived Bethlehem, they could not find somewhere to stay. There were so many people to come to regist their name in the census. All the guesthouse 's rooms were full. The only one place that they could stay that was the place with animals. At that time, people normally took all animals in house to keep warm. People would sleep on a raised level with animals. Animals would be stay below to give them extra warmth.

It meant Mary gave birth to Jesue on the place where animals slept. The baby was wrapped tightly in a long cloth called " swaddling clothes". The Jesus' bed was made by the hay which animals ate.

In the mean time, shepherds looked after their sheep through the long night on the hills or fields outside Bethlehem were very very scared because an angel suddendly appreared in front of them and the glory of God shone around them. But the angel said" Don't be afraid. I have good news for you and everyone. Today in Bethlehem a Saviour has been born for you. You will find the baby lying in a manger.'.

Then the sky was lighten up by angels. The shepherds heard them praising God singing " Glory to God in highest, and peace to everyone on earth.' When the angels had gone the shepherds said to one another, 'Let's go to Bethlehem to see what has happened.' So they went to bethlehem and found Mary and Joseph. They saw a baby was lying in the manger as they had been told. Then they told everyone what angel had said and everyone who heard the story were astonished. Then the shepherds returned to their sheep, praising God for sending his Son to be their Saviour.

When Jesus was born, a brand new bright star appeared in sky. Some Wise Men in faraway countries saw the star and guessed what it meant. They were very clever men that studied the stars and had read in very old writings that a new star would appear when a great king was born. They set out to find the new king and bring him gifts.

The Wise Men followed the star towards the country of Judea and when they got to the capital called Jerusalem they began to ask people: 'Where is the child who is born to be king of the Jews?' Herod, the king of Judea, heard this and it made him very angry to think that someone might be going to take his place as king. Herod sent for the Wise Men to come to him. He told them to go on following the star until they had found the baby king. He said: 'When you have found him, let me know where he is, so that I can go and worship him.'. But Herod did not tell them that he really had an evil plan in mind to kill the new king.

The Wise Men followed the star towards Bethlehem (where it said that the king would be born in the old writings). It seemed to stop and shine directly down upon the place where Jesus was.

The Wise Men entered the house where they now lived and found Jesus with Mary, they bowed down and worshipped him. The Wise Men spread the the gifts they had brought before Jesus. The gifts were gold, frankincense and myrrh. The Wise Men were warned in a dream, by God, not to go back to Herod. So they returned home to their countries in the East by a different way.



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